Ah, The Holidays !

Super Secret Back Up Agent and I had planned on jumping on her precious time off and going out of town over the Thanksgiving weekend, but the weather was not cooperative. There were two storms coming in from the west that seemed to hit everywhere we considered going. After enumerable weather web checks, we gave up and decided to enjoy ourselves in town. The silver lining for me was that I got to hangout with my extended family at my Dad’s house on Saturday. We had aunts, uncles and various cousins in from 3-4 different states, it was satisfying to see them all. Even the family members in town can go for long stretches without touching in. One of the ways that my family is combatting this scattering, whirling apart phenomenon, is to plan a family game day at different members of the family’s houses once a month. And we’re not even Mormon! Connecting back up with my family reminds of of who I am, where I came from. Other than with SSBUSA, there’s no other place that I feel more loved and accepted. Large gatherings are always a challenge for me, I love seeing everyone AND, I feel scattered by so many different frequencies of energy. Usually, I can only hang in there for about 2-3 hours, than I have to take my leave, it’s nothing personal. I get a similar sense of overwhelm at the rock and gem show–so many rocks, so many vibrations!

Take time to remember and acknowledge those who make it a sweeter world for you. Why do we wait until people die to celebrate their lives, and talk about the contributions that they’ve made to those around them? I challenge you dear reader(s?), to make your love for the special people in your life known. K

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