Happy New Year, All!

The Mighty Deb (TMD) and I, just returned from our little voyage to the Salton Sea, in southern California.  I was suffering from Severe intestinal distress for half of our four days, but we both managed to have a good time, anyway.  TMD had watched a documentary on the Sea about 2 months ago, and was intrigued.   The film was narrated by John Waters, one of our favorite weirdos, so that gave it extra cache.  The Salton Sea was prominently displayed in a film that Super Secret Back Up Support Agent brought over two weeks ago; Into The Wilderness.  The movie was thought provoking and the images of the Salton Sea were captivating.  I was hooked too, so we went for a look.  See the real facts on Wikipedia,* ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salton_Sea) but for a quick sensory idea; it’s the largest lake within California, and it has salt water, not fresh water.  The area is remote and attracts unusual people, I imagine them to be independent, strong willed and probably pleased to be away from most of humanity.  There aren’t many people living in Bombay Beach, the area we checked into.  There were mostly trailers, some houses, many of both, abandoned.  I was touched by how the residents personalized their surroundings–I didn’t find them pretty, but they were interesting and creative; bowling balls–Yes! why didn’t I think of that?  We drove to the edge of the water and found ruins of old trailers that had been devastated by a couple of hurricanes, years ago.  It felt kind of eerie to see the remnants of the live’s of others.  It reminded me of older, tamer pictures of Katrina that I had seen after their catastrophe.  It smelled like the sea and the water sparkled in the afternoon light.  There were sea bird varieties such as gulls, plovers and pelicans, nearby.  There were plenty of dead tilapia fish in the sand, blessedly defleshed by that time, but it wouldn’t take too fine an imagination to anticipate the smell that would be generated by the periodic algae blooms, and fish die offs, that they have there.  The visit to Salton Sea reminded me of our trip to Hildale/Colorado City, Utah.  Both are such different worlds from the one that I live in, and I am at once attracted and repelled by what they represent.  I felt like a voyeur, but wanted to be sensitive to the inhabitants at the same time.  What’s a gawker to do?  Well, if you’re one of those, go see the photos in the California Excursions album!  I hope that you create the next year, just as you would like it!  K 

*Wikipedia is a wonderful resource for all.  They make it very easy for us to donate money on their website.  I did to the tune of $30, today.  Remember to financially support the services, people, and organizations that make the world a better place for you and others.

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