Oh My Goodness!

I am working on getting all the photos taken, the descriptions written, the payment buttons installed, and all else that it takes to get the new acquisitions from the Tucson Rock and Gem show up onto the site for your perusal, dear readers!!!!  This work will be done in stages, if there is anything that you see and MUST have, feel free to contact me, and I will hasten the process for you.  Hope everyone is holding up under these stagnant, oppressive, economic conditions.  I watched Jon Stewart’s interview of Jim Cramer on the Daily Show (March 12).  I have never seen anyone hold one of those financial wheeler dealer’s feet to the fire in such a heartfelt, authentic way.  He spoke about their being two markets; the one that we lay people are constantly advised to place our 401K  and pension monies into, and the REAL market where all these hotshot, money wranglers are manipulating, short selling, and playing hocus pocus with our money, in order to make quick fortunes, regardless of the consequences to others.  It brought tears to my eyes to have someone so clearly articulate the real time, real world costs of  the games, of these arrogant jerks.  Can you imagine if some of them had to do community service such as help move the families from their foreclosed homes to the nearest shelter?  (I realize that is a big leap to assume that there IS a shelter, and that there would be room in it for more people).  Or, maybe they could pass out plastic bags for the people who are rummaging through the garbage cans for food at the back of grocery stores or restaurants?  They really don’t get the human cost of all those people who can’t retire, or the ones who actually had to go and try to find another job in this crappy job market, just to survive.  The only comfort that I have in this situation comes from my belief in Kharma.   These are hard times for many of us, remember to cut your fellow human beings some slack.   Do the best that you can, and try to give others the benefit of the doubt.   Stay well, K


PS  I tried to include a link to that Jon Stewart interview–my technological skills are insufficient to the task.  Go check it out, though, you too, may be moved.

PPS  I wish everyone could have a Super Secret Back Up Support Agent  (SSBUSA) like I do, thanks sweety.

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