Into the Beehive: Colorado City

Colors of Colorado CitySuper Secret Back Up Support Agent and I went on another one of our future home finding adventures last month.   We meandered through New Mexico, Colorado and Utah.  One of the highlights of the trip was our brief pass through Colorado City/Hilldale.  This is the polygamist town that straddles the Utah/ Arizona state line.   The Arizona part is called Colorado City, while Hilldale  is technically in Utah.  There was no difference between the two that I could see, it just looked like a small town to me.   SSBUSA and I were a bit on edge as we toured the town, everyone knows everyone, and we were not of them.  It was unnerving too, because it was Saturday morning around 11ish, and there were fast, hard driving cars EVERYWHERE.  It was really odd, the place felt like a bee hive or ant hill.  There were people working on their houses, a few children out playing, but mostly there were people driving quickly in this very small town.  We wanted to take pictures but not be too intrusive.  It was like being in a foreign country that had had Way too many visitors, and not always with a kind or respectful attitude.  Maybe gawking and being respectful is an oxymoron?  Well, we did our best to do both.  Many of the homes are huge and rather non-descript.  Some of them look more like apartment buildings than homes.  The vehicles that were the most plentiful were suburbans and trucks.  The economy of size was the most striking detail, to me.  We didn’t take many pictures of people in order to tamp down the rudeness factor, but the few that we got are interesting.  One of Super Secret’s best people photos is blurry, but it is still very colorful so we put it up for you to see, anyway.  There are many more pictures in the gallery set:  Arizona and Surrounds.   

  Most of the town’s assets were put into a collective trust back in 1942.  The state government took over receivership in 2005 during the whole Warren Jeffs debacle, due to mismanagement. I just read that the town has been given control over their schools again, just 2-3 days ago.  Maybe the town is getting back on it’s feet?  I just hope that there are only people who want to be there, living the way that they want to.  Jon Krakauer’s book “Under the Banner of Heaven” is a fascinating chronicle of Mormonism and their disowned kin folk, the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints (FLDS).  I am glad that they are here, it makes for a more interesting and diverse world.

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