About Kat

Thank you for taking time to stop by. I have wanted to create a website for years; it seems like an ideal way to make contact with like minded souls from all around the world. I feel like I am casting a net into deep, mysterious waters–who knows how many or what shapes will be brought into view? This kind of reminds me of some of my favorite hobbies; thrifting, rocking and dumpster diving, in that you would be hard pressed to guess what you might come across. I am compulsed to find new uses for old things, and to use new things in unusual ways.

kat-driveI was born in San Francisco in May of 1959, and spent most of my childhood in the SF Bay Area. My lust for beautiful and odd things had to be quenched in alleys and vacant lots as a kid. Now, I have the whole state of Arizona, as well as the world, to wander around in. My base has been Phoenix since 1996, I came as a travel nurse and stayed. As a child, my family came here for vacations; I loved the strange and wild terrain. My fantasies when I was young revolved around wandering through the desert when I grew up. The star attraction for me is rocks; we have loads of minerals and stunningly beautiful rocks in this country. I have collected them since I was a tyke, I went into lapidary and silversmithing as a way to frame them in ways that the average person could better appreciate. I’ve made sculptures because some of the rocks were soft enough to carve. I created my front yard landscape so that the goregous maroon slabs that I found by Black Canyon City could be showcased. Rocks, trash and nature are my best inspirations for art. I hope that you enjoy this site! Thanks, Kat