Art at Your Finger Tips!

I just finished up three days of classes with Michael DeMeng, one of my favorite artists.  I don’t know anything about his history, but I imagine it as tortured and tangled.  You could not create work like his having grown up in the Ozzy and Harriet family.  His work is dark, interesting, multi-layered and frequently creepy.  The Mighty Deb, Sister Curse and I took his one day workshop called “The Island of DeMented Toys” on Friday, what a blast!  How could you not have fun while sawing apart toys and reassembling them in new, and sometimes disturbing configurations?  Art Unraveled puts on a week and a half of all different types of workshops every August, here in the Phoenix area.  There is every kind of art media that I could think of, probably some you would love, too.  I took two more days of DeMeng’s class called “Mad Alchemist’s Cabinet” by myself, my pals had to get back to their lives.  I was so inspired after our Friday class that I went out and bought a Dremel.  They seem like such a practical tool–there are attachments that allow you to cut through wood, ceramics, plastic, and even metal.  You can sand, polish, or use a wire brush, amongst many other purposes that I don’t even know of yet.  I have posted photos on flickr of Michael DeMeng and all of our various projects, come see for yourself!  http://www.flickr.com/photos/katsdeelite/  Another highlight of my Art Unraveled trip was rondivouing with my web designer Tracey Kazmir-Cree who lives in Colorado,  and her friend Artsy Fran who resides in Phoenix.  It was fun to hear about the classes that they had taken and to catch up on each other’s lives.  I love Art Unraveled!  A big thank you to Linda Young and her family, who make it all come together.  Go if you have ever wanted to dip your toe into the art world, or even if you teach classes, yourself.  There is always more to learn and friendships to make!

Art Unraveled

Art Unraveled is the name of a week long art retreat in the Phoenix Metro area that is usually held in the first week or so of August.  This year was my fourth year, I think.  I always go with my sister Chris, it is half of our bonding activities for the year.  The other half is our yearly expedition down to the Tucson Gem and Mineral show in February.   When we go to the “Show”, we strategize like we were going to war; communications, times and gathering places, transportation of goods, where to park the goodie hauler, where to get the best shopper supporting food and beverages—we work it out and split up to cover the territory in a more efficient manner.   So many treasures, so little time…A lot of the fossils and jewelery on this site are from the Show.  I will try to take pictures this year for all of you who will not, and may not ever, be able to see this knock out event.   I will write more about this colossus on another evening, let me get back to the more immediate, pleasurable, occurrence: Art Unraveled.  I am low on money this year and only signed up for two classes.  My first class was with one of my favorite Ikons of success:  Kathy Cano Murillo, that’s right: the Crafty Chica!  She is as generous with her time and knowledge, as she is creative.  Her class was all about figuring out who you are, what you are offering, and how to promote that.  If you get a chance, work with her and get a view of the world from her hard working perspective.  She is the James Brown of Craft!  AND, she’s funny.  Enjoy her website at www.craftychica.com. My second class was an all day Mosaic Extravaganza with Rebecca Brooks, and her helpful husband, Bill.  Rebecca has produced many beautiful and varied pieces; some whimsical, some deeply evocative. There’s no need to take my word for it, go see:  www.corazon.typepad.com .  What made this class extra fun is that I went with my sis Chris, and my friend, the mighty Deb (perhaps you’ve seen her in the gallery pictures hefting huge boulders or lifting econo vehicles with her bare hands).  This was Deb’s first foray to Art Unraveled, and my sister’s 4th.  Chris is an old pro, other years we pert nearly OD’d ourselves by mainlining art day and night, two and three days at a stretch.  This year was a lark in comparison.  Though I must say that I am relieved, getting this website up and running has taken it’s toll, there is no way that I was capable of much more extraneous activity.  I am secure in the knowledge that Linda Young will continue to do what’s necessary to produce Art Unraveled next year, and hopefully many years beyond that.  Check out their website to get an idea of what’s available, www.artunraveled.com .  They open the signing period up again in January, and believe it or not, there are already classes sold out by February for the August retreat.  Get in early, pick, pay and enrich yourself!  It’s the best!!!!!