Ooooh, My Aching Back!

Hello loyal readers,

the project du jour is beautifying the backyard.  When I bought the house 8 years ago, the backyard was “lawn”.  This lawn was mostly composed of crabgrass, and thank God for that, otherwise it would have just been an even patchier, pock ridden, large expanse of dirt.  I dug up all the weeds/lawn and put up a gazebo.  My brother Walt came to my rescue and helped me to put up the third tier that made up the loftiest of the roofs.  He is a single, eligible, handyman extraordinaire (hint clue to single, straight, nice women).  See his picture in the “Meanwhile, back at the ranch” in the Bad arts, Ugly crafts secti0n of the picture gallery.  Oh yeah, back to the yard….I bought and hauled 16oo red bricks with the aid of Super Secret Back Up Support Agent’s money, as well as her strong, shapely back.   I hired Tad to help,  he did the superb cement work in the yard,  back in the fall.  Sister Curse and Carlos came to help, too.  Together we got all the bricks in, and cleared the yard of my various collections, in preparation for the new yard to be.  Tad came up with a lovely design to integrate the bricks into the new step down from the two porches.  I will post pictures after I get off my next workathon schedule.  It’s exciting to get the yard to a more managable state.  I’m always battling the weeds, and my latest ploy was to cover the yard in the blue synthetic paper/cloth we use to cover the surgical instruments with at work.  That was great for the first 2-3 months, and then the disintegration set in…uhhh, not so pretty.