Rock and Gem Beauty Items

Colorful beads, Tucson R & G show

Specimen flat 1/12!

Howdy all!

I made two trips to the Tucson Rock and Gem show, the only bad thing is that I went without my sister Chris, and her man Carlos.  Chris and Carlos moved up to the rim country a few months ago, so it was much more difficult to cover all the money and miles to make our pilgrimage to Tucson, together.  We reconnoitered on the phone and decided that the Art UnRaveled ritual would take precedence.  We are all signed up for a Michael DeMeng class in August which Super Secret Back Up Support Agent will accompany us to.  The Tucson rock and gem show was much quieter this year, less vendors and a whole lot less customers than I’ve ever seen.  I was able to do two scalpel like visits during the week (none of that weekend horde business, for me!).  The earrings from my favorite vendor had gone up by a good 30%, this year.  He, Quaisar,  was out at Electric Park, a different venue than I normally find him at.   I dealt with his west coast associate, Candi, who was very nice and helpful.  I went through about $ 1800 with them, then I found my way to the mineral man from India—Holy Krapppppp!  I have never bought a flat of rocks before.  I bought ONE on my first vistit.  The second visit, I walked away with 12!  They are beautiful specimens and I got them for a fabulous price, which I will of course, pass on.   Keep your eye out, I will try to get the new rocks photographed and priced in the next month, or so.