Night of the Laughing Dead

I had SO much fun last night!  My sister, two nieces and grand nephew came and joined me and my two best friends for the Third Annual Zombie Walk of Phoenix.  We hammed it up and zombied out with make up and costumes, we rode the light rail to Heritage park downtown and joined the hundreds of other restless dead.  It was clear that many of the other rail car riders were unaware that there was a Zombie Walk.  It was fun to see the different reactions to our get ups, we were Not the only zombie riders either, even more fun!

The streets were blocked off and there was an amazing contrast between all the zombies shuffling toward the square where the event was to be held, and the weddings and other black tie events being attended by a lot of rich people in the hotels that we passed.  One lady was in a parked car taking pictures of the lurching dead, when she was examining photos on her iphone, I pawed at her window and made gutteral zombie sounds; I scared the CRAP out of her!  Then we both started cracking up, it was such a sweet moment of zombie and bait unity!

We got there as the sun was setting, it was a wonderful communal affair, there were zombies of every race and color.  There were representatives of professions such as health care and culinary arts, there were everyday life activities in view; brides and patrolmen, as well as the less usual; clowns, mummies, and fairies.  Everyone looked like they were really enjoying themselves.  There were more people dressed up than not, and more people actually doing the lurching and lumbering than just photographing it.  If you get a chance, go next year and get your gore on!


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