Things are moving!

Hula Girl Waves Bye Bye!

Hula Girl Waves Bye Bye!

I feel like I’m standing on the edge of a precipice.  This website has been up and running since July of ’08.  I have made my first TWO sales, both in the last week and a half! ( The earrings that my mother bought in the first month don’t count–she is my Mother, after all!)  I sent a pair of turquoise earrings off to the Netherlands, and will be sending the Urasaki doll ( pictured above), back to her homeland of Hawaii, next week.  Things are Finally starting to roll just like Super Secret Back Up Support Agent always said they would!

Tracey, the webmaster who put this site together, has handed over the keys this week, as I want to be able to run it myself.  She has empowered me with directions and good advice.  I feel like one of the Wright brothers on their first flight.   As you come across displays of my technical ignorance, hang on, it will get better.   Remember the words of Helen Keller:  Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all!

PS I had to re-do this entry because I forgot to publish it after I sent it to my closest friends, and it got disappeared!  Ah, the learning has only begun!  What are you tackling?