Krappy Kristmas per Christine, Echo and Elizabeth.

Santa sends in the clowns!

Ahhhh,  the year 2011 is drawing to a close.  I just spent the day with my extended family as we gathered for Krappy Kristmas 2.0  The Next Generation!  Generously enough, my sister Curse and her daughters Echo and Elizabeth took on the unrolling of Krappy Kristmas.  It was so much easier and funner to arrive as the Grand Dame with fabulously decorated presents, as opposed to carrying the whole ordeal.

Krappy Kristmas is the equivalent of the White Elephant game but with a little more of an edgy quality.  As tradition has it, somewhere in the pile of “gifts” is a $2o bill, a box of See’s candies, a Fart Machine and then whatever manner of mayhem the participants can muster.  You have to come with the right attitude to really enjoy it, if you are there to make up for all the beautiful presents that you may not engender at D25, you may not do so well.  This game is all about deception, enticement and dashing of hopes!  In years past we have had such items as a taxidermy baby duck whose listing head was covered with a nice bow on it’s neck.  We’ve had gnarled ginger roots in murky watery bottles and fruit cakes with a bite out of them.  This year there was a package from Europe that held paper funnels that would allow a woman to pee standing up (and that was just decoration on the Outside of the package), we had snowmen that pooped jelly beans into a basket, Attends for Men, horrible paintings such as a Cujo flavored poodle, 3 of the queen’s guards, one of  whom’s kilt had arisen to expose his hairy bum (I clipped a plush gorilla toy and glued the fur onto the most offensive parts of said painting).  Another of the especially fun traditions of the game is the ability to steal presents from others.  Yesterday, as in all Christmas’ past, some presents took on a life of there own and were stolen and whipped back and forth, over and over again.  The joke is that no one Really knows what’s inside them, but that doesn’t seem to diminish the fervor and angst players experience.   I hope that your Christmas is satisfying, and as fun as mine has already been!                                         ( Go to the photo section to see more Krap!)


ON a sad note:  I’m closing down the shop space as of Dec. 31st.  I think I would do better if I lived in the Castro or West Hollywood, but alas, I am here in Phoenix where we seem to be suffering from a dearth kitsch lovers.  Darnitall!