Flickr World

My latest passion has been my Flickr account. http://www.flickr.com/photos/katsdeelite/ I love the interactive nature of this photo collection site.  You can post your pictures (you set privacy levels; everyone or only family/friends), and if  other people are able to see them, they can comment on them’ and/or make notes upon the pictures, themselves.  THAT is my favorite part!  We have ongoing conversations that can be heartfelt, commiserative, or just plain ribald, and snarky.  It reminds me of being in grade school and being totally bored; I’d make up new captions on all the pictures in the textbooks.  The best years were when I got a school book that had escaped the erasers and still had remarks from students gone by.  This only happened only once or twice, but you can see that it made quite an impression upon me!  On Flickr, I get to have ongoing dialogues as often as I’d like.  Who knew that old religious album covers could be such a fount of entertainment?  Or that others share my love of bizarre thriftstore items?  There’s a whole group dedicated to highlighting the unimaginable, called Thriftstore Hell.  I get to put all my Paint by Number works of art in a group with the same name.  And my few, precious black velvet paintings?  Oh yes!  I placed them in the Velveteria group!   My favorite and wittiest contacts are: Donna Lethal, Miss Retro Modern, Pastorfuture and Eliz.Avery.  Come on out and play with us, the water’s fine and amusing!