Arkansas, Here We Come!

Howdy Dear Readers!

The Mighty Deb and I just returned from our 9 day Arkansas road trip!  The goal was to get to Ron Coleman’s mine for quartz crystal picking.  We left on Sunday right after noon, and got caught immediately in highway repair traffic on the I17 that took an extra 90 minutes.  It started to cloud up by the top of the rim, and graduated to snow in Flagstaff.  It snowed off and on til Albuquerque.  We went through the skinny top of Texas, the width of Oklahoma, and then spent some time in Fayettville, AR.  The old part of down town is a wonderful amalgam of old and new architecture, sprinkled with art.  Deb and I stayed at fancier motels at her direction.  I am just fine with mom and pop’s or Motel 6, but the princess got her way with Best Westerns and the like.  We wound our way from the north west corner of Arkansas to Jessieville and the mine by 3:30 in the afternoon, Wed.  We were both greatly relieved because we had just gotten into a big, fat fight in that last hour or so.  She told me I swore to much, in no uncertain terms.  I just couldn’t fucking believe it!  Anyway, we hit the pit and split up like we were shot from a gun.  The crystals and crystal material were all over.  The miners dig up new material with big earth moving equipment, the company takes the hugest crystals, then brings the piles into the more public part of the mine.  There are newer piles of dirt and rock, and older material spread all over many acres.  Newer does not necessarily mean better–sometimes they are just cleaning up the active area.  Every time is rains new crystals and plates of crystals are exposed.  Some of them are clear like water, some are white, and many are mixed.  I found plenty to be satisfied with, though I’ve found bigger crystals and plates in the past.  Deb hauled up huge rocks with crystals tucked in here and there.  She Always goes for the Large size!  She brought home loose crystals as well.  I’ll tell you more of our journey, later.  Thanks for checking in!