I Must Be Having Fun Because Time Sure Is Passing Quickly!

Hello readers,

This new year is passing by in high gear.  Some of the highlights; two trips to the Tucson Rock and Gem show in Jan/February.   The labradorite and rhodochrosite (pictured above)  were so colorful and beautiful this year.  I bought lots of necklaces and earrings of those materials, as well as others.   Super Secret Back Up Support Agent (SSBUSA) kept egging me on to stock up on the great values I was finding, albeit by phone (she has been incredibly busy and overwhelmed this year).   She doesn’t just encourage me, she gives me grants to make my dreams come true!  Hence, her nick name!  I have been in the process of getting these treasures  photographed, priced,  packaged and onto ArtFire, for weeks.    I think you’ll be impressed with the quality of this year’s expeditional finds!

My best Friend Mertz came for a week’s visit from Portland, OR.  She is one of those deeper thinkers in life that I really appreciate.  We  have fun together,  and I always look forward to her visits.   This year, she and I, along with S.S.B.U.S.A. went to see the movie Avatar in 3D.  It seemed like an interesting combination of melodrama and newage thought.  I really liked how it snuck in such  countercultural thoughts as; we are all connected, maybe might is NOT right, and maybe we really can turn around the desecration of the earth.  It felt like it hit hard on subconsious levels,  I was moved while watching it.  When it came time for all the movie awards, I was glad that James  Cameron, (the director of Avatar) didn’t get the top award.  His ex-wife, Kathryn Bigelow took the best director award for her movie, The Hurt Locker.  He’s a big time director and has gotten plenty of awards, it’s good to share the bounty.  She was the first female director to receive that award.   My longshot movie Precious received honors, too.  Mo’Nique won an Oscar for the best supporting actor–she earned it!

One of the other quarterly activities;  I am through with my taxes!  What a relief!  I am a good documentor, but it just takes me so much time to get all the receipts organized and totaled.  Thank God that’s done!

Another wonderful happening this year?!?  I discovered a new comic that I really enjoy–Maria Bamford.  She’s odd and her humor has overtaken me.  I have three of her albums and have watched all her “Maria Bamford Show”s on YouTube.   One of my favorite skits is while living with her parents, she leaves messages for her religious mother on the answering machine from “The Baby Jesus”.  It makes me laugh til I cry, every time I hear it!  Check her out and tell if it’s just me, or if she makes you laugh, too!  Kat 

Precious. Kids? Uh, not so much

preciousSuper Secret Back Up Support Agent and I went to see Precious at the movies, Sunday.  This is a movie based upon the book ‘Push’ by Sapphire, published in the mid ’90’s.  I remember hearing her interview with Terry Gross, the details that she used to describe the experiences in the book were chilling.  It is the story of a young, black teenage girl who is obese, illiterate and about to give birth to her father’s second child.  She lives alone with her mother who is physically and sexually abusive.  This movie was directed by Lee Daniels who was involved with Monster’s Ball, Shadowboxer and the Woodsmen (I’ve seen all three, the first and last are on my favorite’s list).   SSBUSA, who is also know as “Researcher Extraordinaire”, looked into the details when we got home.  Sapphire said that she chose Daniels to put her movie together because she knew he wouldn’t back down from the sharp edges of the story.  This is not a movie to see when you are emotionally vulnerable.  All the rolls were well acted, the experiences and emotions rang true.  The most helacious parts of the movie were handled with a deft touch, you saw enough to know what was happening, and to feel it.    The sex and violence portrayed didn’t seem like they were used to shock viewers, they were necessary for one to enter into the horrific world that Precious was trying to survive in.   Mo’Nique plays the mother in a grittingly, raw performance.  Mo’Nique’s character was frightening with her paroxysms of spontaneous, over-the-top, bouts of  physical violence, over unpredictable triggers.      Mariah Carey plays a social worker—you probably wouldn’t even recognize her unless you were looking for her.  She is a worn out public servant trying to do what she can for people who are mandated to see her,  in order to keep the welfare money coming.  I was really moved by her acting–maybe better described as her being, in the movie.   Gabourey Sidibe was a stand out as Precious.  She came across as stoic, tenacious and courageous, to me.  Observing the journey that Precious makes from being trapped within herself, to connecting with others, and being able to find her voice was really inspiring.  The movie portrayed some of the coping mechanisms that enabled her to live through such harrowing experiences.  It also showed the trickle down effect of violence, as we witnessed Precious unexpectedly smack a little girl in her apartment building just like her mother would do to her.  It’s hard sometimes not to pass on negative things that you’ve been subjected to.  I like that the character of Precious was full and nuanced, things aren’t black and white, all good or all evil, and neither are people.  I am glad that we live in a time when we can discuss issues such as power enequities, the need for dominance and overinflated senses of entitlement.  These are some of the causes of child abuse, as well as all the other flavors of abuse that continue to plague our world.   Both SSBUSA and I felt physically ill after watching this movie, AND we think it should be mandatory viewing by most people over age 15, or so.  Here’s the Wikipedia back drop on the movie.  The poster for this movie just hits me in the belly like a baseball bat.   If you go to see this movie, you may want to skip the popcorn.    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Precious_(film)