If This Is February, It Must Be Time For Tucson!

Sister Chris, her companion Carlos, and I,  headed down to Tucson last week for the fantabulous Rock and Gem Show.  Super Secret Back Up Support Agent bankrolled the trip, as only her generous self would do!  (I wish all of you could be as lucky as I am!)  She has made many of my dreams come true.   SSBUSA is a working fiend, and sometimes has to pull vicarious pleasures into her life by helping me fund more adventures in mine.   Back to the  show:  I am amazed every year by the variety of material, jewels, and interesting people that are there from all over the world.    One of our favorite sections of this show was the open air isle with hundreds of large obilesks, crystals, crystal clusters and crystal balls.   They were striking in the sunlight.  I took pictures of them with Chris and Carlos just to give you an idea about their size.  My earring man Quaisar, from Pakistan, was in his usual spot with jewelry that was even more beautiful than last year’s.  I brought back gorgeous earrings of mookite, larimar, lapis, turquoise,  and a new stone to me:  Bulgarian opal.  This opal is similar to Peruvian opal in it’s texture and opacity.  The other new set of earring material was Sea Jasper.   The patterns are what makes it so unique; small contrasting colored circles in green, yellow and orange.  Look in the earring gallery in the next week or two for photos of these new beauties.  This is also the time for taxes, and as soon as I get THAT project completed, I will get the new treasures on line for you to oogle, marvel at, and maybe even buy! 

If you are able to, get yourself to the show in Tucson.  I think of it as the  Mecca for rock and jewelry lovers, you should go there at least once in your life!  Let me know if you had a good time.   K