Bad Art Ugly Craft Day

I had the most satisfying day, yesterday.  I had my brother Walt, sister Chris and 6 other of my favorite people to my house for our first annual “Bad Art Ugly Craft” day!  We had so much fun gluing, cutting, slicing and dicing toys and then reassembling them in unforetold ways.  Super Secret Backup Support Agent not only bankrolled the food bill, she did most of the shopping and put together the food for our party.  Her posole is to die for!  There are pictures of this event on the “Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch” section of the gallery.  Having  my friends come together and let loose on the toy boxes was a blast, they are all such a creative lot!  I can’t remember when I felt so happy and full of love, thank you all for coming and for the contribution you made to the good time of everyone around you!